Game of thrones oc blacksmith fanfiction

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The rightful heirs to the Throne. Any story not included that you know about along these lines PM me please with story title and Author name. All eras.

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All ratings. Valar Morghulis This is a c2 that only features multi-chaptered stories. All the pairings are acceptable. Only stories with good grammars. If you see something good, pm me! To Win a Heart Possible pairings with all the characters you love and love to hate. If you're looking for a good read, you'll find it here. Winter Roses Fics dedicated to Lyanna Stark, unveiling the truth about a character which we know so little about.

These are the untold stories related to Lyanna's mysterious disappearance and untimely death. Did she love Robert Baratheon? Why did Rhaegar take her away? And more importantly what promise did Ned swear to her? These are the fics that will give us answers.

There is a spre lack of stories about this completely badass character. I need staff and more stories. Anyone interested to be my staff or recommending a good story, please pm me. Lair of the Black Dragon This is a community of multi-chaptered and one shot stories from Game of Thrones.

There will be no drabbles in this C2 because multi-chaptered stories demonstrate a commitment to the new fandom.

game of thrones oc blacksmith fanfiction

If you would like to submit a story, please PM me. PM me if you want to suggest something very well-written with our favorite King in the North. Robbaery Haven A haven for the best Robbaery Fanfiction. Let's prove to the fandom that Jonsa could happen!

If you have a story that fits the criteria, please let me know! The Children of the forest All the stories I could find featuring the Children of the forest or Bloodraven after he became the three eyed raven and Could somebody please add Leaf and three eyed raven to the character List?Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 5. The Best Boys by chiquislover25 reviews Humans are complicated. One moment they are the happiest they can be and they love one another. The next they're no longer talking to each other and are hurting.

But if he and his brothers have anything to say about it, their humans will be happy again and they will be one happy family. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Ghost plan how to get their mama and papa back together. Well, that was until I woke up staring at Cersei Lannister and sucking on her teat.

The lion and the wolf by Luka99jt reviews We all know Eddard Starks fate but what would have happened if someone came to his rescue. Someone who no one in Westeros would ever expect, not even Varys or Littlefinger.

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Collision by Black Angelis reviews Le feu fait fondre la glace. La glace noie le feu. Game of Thrones Ending Rewrite by 23a reviews After years of refusing I finally binge-watched the whole show in quarantine and the ending was dumb so I rewrote the last 35 minutes of the final episode and yes just those minutes, everything else is the same. This is basically just based on my initial critiques of the ending but I changed my mind slightly while writing it.

The game has a new player in the form of Sansa Stark, the Red Wolf of Winterfell and the Queen in the North before her death, who is determined to see her family grow old and happy in Winterfell and the Iron Throne melted to a puddle of metal at her feet. Hunters of invisible game by ar-men15 reviews Rumors about the Last of us tv adaptation and about the actors who played in GOT and that could play Ellie and Joel, plus the dramatic pandemic situation we are all living into made me imagine this work I'm starting slow and more than a crossover between the two worlds this is a GOT au with references of a pandemic alternate universe.

The Dragon Cub by Alperez16 reviews Jaime realises Jon's true idenity when visiting Winterfell, remembering a promised made to Rhaegar, Jaime and Jon enter the game of thrones together. Rickard possesses a power Lamentations of a Sinner by harrys-sad-fish Daenerys survives Jon's attempt upon her life, but is left to do some serious soul-searching in the ruins of King's Landing, especially once she runs into Sansa Stark.

Dawn of War by WhiteBear27 reviews Starfall taken. The Daynes raised by wolves. Can they take their home back? Can they change the fate of Westeros? The son of Arthur Dayne joins the Starks to find out. Howl of the Dragonwolves by Elphaba reviews Nine years ago, the Mad Queen and the Queenslayer died and left their bastard twins grow up in the cold shadows of House Stark. Torrhen and Lyaella Snow know their parents never got the happy ending they deserved.

Now they have the chance to change things. They'll set things right. They'll ensure their parents win the great game of thrones.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Brienne defeats the Hound, but this time Arya goes with her. It's a butterfly effect on season 5 and beyond. When Jon is struck with a fever, Catelyn prays for him to recover, but how can he when a catspaw assassin appears?

How will events play out when a drunken priest wakes up in the Crypts of Winterfell and gets more than he bargains for when a prayer is more than religious words? This will be a story unlike any you have ever read before, with Original Characters, New Journeys, and Heartbreak.

The Game of Thrones universe with some elements of the Witcher. Gendry underwent mutations after separation from Arya as a result of force from the Brotherhood and Mellisandre. He now is one of the most feared fighters in the land, devoting his life more to killing those who wronged the girl he loved in the past than killing monsters.

However one night in the North a mysterious man who knows all there is to know, informs Gendry of Arya's survival, and her new home in Braavos along with her unruly friends. Gendry knows not if he can trust the man, but if Arya is alive he must find her, however what he forgets is that his purpose is to defend the land from the Wraiths of Winter, who are well on their way. The Game is just a game. Enemies become allies and characters struggle with their own demons. Anything to be ready for the true threat, one far older and implacable than an inane struggle over a chair.

Luna Stark is the eldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn. All Luna ever wanted was to have a say in how she lives her life and have an adventure or two. When her father becomes Hand of the King, she moves with him and her sister's to King's Landing. There she starts an unlikely friendship that eventually becomes something more. This follows the TV storyline with some twists, changes, and an Original Character. It follows the TV show very closely with direct lines. I hope you like it, it's the first fan fiction I've ever shared.

Sansa thought this could be a brand new beginning for them all. She was running from her past, but it should be far enough… That was when Jax Teller crashed into her life, like a prince in leather jacket.

Well, not a prince Even if Larisa lived, this man, this King in the North could make her a glorified slave if he so chose. She was a Lannister, truly at the mercy of the North. Daenery's life is about to change just after it ends.Once more my friends, the time has come. I write the first chapter of stories, if I really enjoy it As I did this one I may write the second, or even further.

But, you all have my permission to use this as a challenge of sorts.

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All you need to do is state that the idea came from me, you don't even need to do that its just kindness really. There will be more at the end! At the age of eight, Irik discovered his weapon. As a blacksmith's son, he grew up all around weapons and armour, so had a basic grounding in all of them. He wasn't particularly good, mind you. He was a highly skilled blacksmith, rivalling the skill of Thobo Mott, when smithing weapons, yet not armour.

Irik was walking through the grain fields an hour away from Kings Landing when the farmers and himself were set upon by Bandits. Seeing none of the convention weapons he knew how to use in sight, he grabbed one of the scythe's which were made to cut grain from the ground and used that as a weapon. Later that night, he did some experimenting in the forge. Now I know what you are thinking, oh reader of mine.

Well, have you ever seen a blacksmith, they're huge, and as the son of a blacksmith, he was well muscled. Irik hammered away at his steel when a sudden impulse hit him. He folded the steel he was hammering to try and make the steel denser. It worked. Over the next three days, he built himself a scythe to use in a fight, with a collapsible handle made of folded steel, so he could use the bar to block.

The handle was nearly a metre long, from the butt to the start of the blade. The blade itself was detachable, yet once it was on the pole, it stayed on. The blade was curved like a crescent moon, and stretched thirty five inches, or 90cm long if you measure along the curve. Later, he would discover how to change the colour of the metal during the forging process, similar to the legendary blade 'Dawn'.

After polishing the blade for so long that the it shone like a star, and dying the pole pitch black, Irik's scythe was ready. For the next five years, Irik trained extremely hard. He would train with the gold cloak guards in the city watch for five hours a day, while five more hours were used to practice his blacksmithing. His skill in the smithy was legendary, he knew how to reshape Valyrian steel, and had his own theories on how to make it.

He made swords for the Kingsguard of Aerys, blades for high lords, and his pride and joy, besides his scythe, was the forging of Prince Rhaegar's blade. Irik was experimenting on colouring steel. Since his fathers death two years ago, the eleven year old boy lived only with his mother, and spent the days forging steel to keep his home.The last thing I remember was going to bed and then this, I tried wiggling a bit but soon realized that I felt extremely weak and I could barely move, as if my prison was responding to my movements I felt something pushing me.

It took me less than a second for me to realize what was happening, I'm a baby and I'm about to be born… what the fuck?! After a moment I managed to open my eyes and I was greeted by blurred shapes that soon came into shape. A woman who was holding me with black hair and grey eyes and a man with silver blonde hair with violet eyes and a strong build. As I looked at them the woman started to speak in a strange language to the man who responded before pointing at me and saying three words which I assumed was my name… my new name.

The thoughts that went through my mind was, 'well fuck' and 'I'm in game of thrones…double fuck' after a moment of panic I calmed down before I started to think about my situation, eventually I fell asleep and when I awoke I knew things were going to change for better or worse.

Nine years I have been in the world of Game of Thrones and I have not been idle, I found out early on that I was in Valyria but that the freehold hadn't been created yet which in turn meant that I was nearly years too early to make any real difference.

Deciding that I wouldn't let that get to me I lived my life to my fullest, I learnt everything my parents could offer me and that was a lot considering they were very powerful nobles with my father being the lord of a large city and my mother being the daughter of the king in the north.

I learned the ways of war and ruler ship, blacksmithing and the secrets of Valyrian steel, sorcery and all its uses and engineering and all its uses as well.

I also learned High Valyrian, common and the language of the first men. Granted I had a head start in engineering, ruler ship and combat as in my previous life I had trained as a combat engineer in the British army and was the heir to big multi-national corporation also considering that I had an A level in most subjects taught in Britain and a degree in mechanical engineering and Biology, chemistry and Physics.

I also had a degree in Politics due to my Dad wanting me to know how to deal with politicians.

game of thrones oc blacksmith fanfiction

My training with blacksmithing and sorcery was where I had difficulty at first but I eventually got the hand of it. At the moment I am walking to my father's solar as he had summoned me for a special event, when I arrived at my father's solar I knocked thrice before being allowed in.

He was holding a white with light blue patterns egg, except this wasn't any egg this was a…. I looked to my father to see him just looking at the egg. When I turned back to look at the egg I saw a crack form on it before it exploded outwards to reveal its contents, its content was a small dragon which was snow white with light blue under belly, wings and eyes.

As I held it looked up at me before cocking its head to its side in confusion, probably because it thought that it was being held by a strange looking creature with white hair and violet-grey eyes, before it snuggled into my chest for warmth where it promptly fell asleep. After a minute of me just looking at it I turned to look at my father who was standing there now with my mother who had a confused and a slightly fearful look on her face before it was replaced by proud look.

After that my father told me that he had spent considerable amount of gold just to get the egg and that he expected me to bring glory to house Lucifer, I told him I would and things continued on from there except this time I had another thing to learn and that was learning to ride and fight on my dragon who I named after my mother, Arya.

I am 14 today or 4 and 10 as it is said in this world and I am preparing my journey to go and see Westeros, I am quite excited as this will allow me to see the north and with it the Wall.

I was currently securing things to Arya's saddle as I got all my belongings ready, off to the side my mother, father and 4-month year old sister stood looking at me in sadness.

My mother was actually crying and hugging onto my father right arm while she used her right arm to hold little Lyanna, eventually I secured everything and climbed onto Arya's back and spoke my final farewells to my family. After that was done I gently kicked the sides of Arya and we took off into the air.

It would take me around 2 months of flying to reach Winterfell but when I arrived I saw people waiting on the ground for me and with a word in the old tongue I commanded Arya to land in front of them.

I gently slid down and walked towards the group, more specifically an elderly man with greying hair and eyes. I came to a stop in front of him before I held out my hand to shake his while introducing myself. That evening I chatted with my grandfather and asked him about the hero, there was no need to say which hero as the one I was referring to was the one who beat back the White Walkers, to which he sadly said that he had died around 14 years ago around the time I was born.

I also asked him about Dragonsteel and what it was but sadly my grandfather has little knowledge on it. We also talked about Westerosi, specifically First Man, sorcery and how it was different from Valyrian Sorcery to which my Grandfather explained to me that Valyrian magic leant more towards destruction and fire whereas the first man magic leant towards other uses such as building, healing, ice, shadow and mental magic's.

I decided that I would stay at Winterhold until I had become at least proficient in the first man magic style, this would lead me to staying for a whole year before my Grandfather said that the only ones who could teach me more about magic was the children of the forest. After I was done learning from grandfather I decided, in secret as grandfather would try and stop me, that I would find and challenge a child of the forest to challenge on who was the strongest in magic as after all who could beat me now.

I didn't take me long to find the where abouts of one from my grandfather after he had a few drinks and I set out to find it. When I found one it was well over the Wall, I saw that it was kneeling in front of a weirwood tree and decided to land Arya next to it in order to try and scare it.

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It didn't succeed so I got irritated and called out in the old to it, who was clearly female from its looks.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

game of thrones oc blacksmith fanfiction

It has been a year since the death of the Dragon Queen. In the West, chaos descends as new threats arise. In the East, dragons arise and a new era of the dragon begins.

game of thrones oc blacksmith fanfiction

After their death for the Battle of Winterfell, three Starks wake as children. Winter is coming and the dead with it, but King Robert Baratheon is making his way North after the death of Jon Arryn.

Sansa must work with her siblings to convince the North that the real danger lies beyond the wall. While on vacation visiting the family, Jon ends up getting quarantined in Sansa's apartment with her and Margaery.

Inspired by Jonmund Discord discussions as well as my own quarantine. Title from the TikTok song. Balon Greyjoy has once again declared himself king, sealing his son's fate in the North.

Jon doesn't like Theon, never has — but he also cannot stand aside and watch an innocent man being put to death. So he decides to do something that'll change everything. This is about Cersei Baratheon and Jaime Lannister. From how they met at 20 and became a couple to moving in together, marriage and children.

Nearly fifteen years later, acclaimed director Olenna Tyrell has announced her retirement: after one last film, Oathkeeper, inspired by the mythic story of the Long Night. She wants Jaime to do what he does so well, play into his on-screen persona and off-screen reputation, and be a villain for the ages in her final film. Brienne Tarth, in her first job on a film set, finds herself tasked with keeping the impossible Jaime Lannister under control ….

This takes place a few years after the destruction of kings landing. It will primarily focus on Jon for the first few chapters, the north and south westeros. How it is that they are dealing with the broken wheel and how they try and come to terms of what has happened in their lives.

There will be mentions of Essos through the chapters, building a bigger picture until it is reintroduced. The Starks are scattered, Jon is beyond The Wall and with more purpose than expected.

15 "Game Of Thrones" Fanfiction Stories That Will Help You Achieve Closure

The Six Kingdoms may not be as safe as they believe, after all there is still one Targaryen remaining and time will show he was not a Northern Fool. King Bran, The Broken finds something unexpected when he finally finds Drogon, something he never saw coming. Or where the Dragon Queen could not show mercy, can her King? Will Jon chose Duty over Love again? Turns out Jon Snow knew something and it turns out he may have played The Game better than anyone knew.It ain't over until the fandom says it's over!

The Game of Thrones TV show section under fanfiction. If we missed your fave, leave a recommendation in the comments! Now more than ever, we have to be there for each other, you guys. What if Arya hadn't defeated the Night King that night in the godswood and instead, with Bran's help, time travelled back to her year-old self at the beginning of the events of Season 1?

How would she try to meddle with the events of the past — and importantly, what would she do differently about Gendry?? You've got 20 installments in this story to find out! This short story takes the perspective of one of the Lannister swordsmen as he witnesses the fall of King's Landing and the havoc that Drogon and Daenerys brings upon the city's residents.

Over 12 chapters, this story explores the way Daenerys would have mourned the death of her loyal advisor and protector, and what might have happened if the Mother of Dragons tried to bring her valiant knight back from the dead Remember back when Tywin made Arya his cupbearer, not knowing her true identity? Over 85 chapters buckle upthis saga explores how everything could have turned out differently, and also includes plenty of that great Tywin vs.

Arya banter that was the best part of Season 2. This chaptered fanfiction dives in deep on Arya Stark's story from Season 2, when she's wandering around with Hot Pie and Gendry, into full adulthood, and does plenty of theorizing about her life as a wife and mother. What if Napoleon Bonaparte, as his army was retreating from the Russian frontier, came up against the Wall, the Night's Watch, and of course, the Night King???

This story's got seven very meaty chapters full of historical references and real world x Westeros crossover. In this fanfiction, Arya is transported back to the time of the Mad King's reign, where she has another list of people to kill, naturally. This one's a good old fashioned romance fanfic, revolving around Jaime Lannister and an original character, Myra Stark, who's apparently the twin sibling of Robb Stark.

Cue romantic tension and a lot of Kingslayer thirst. Even marrying Euron Greyjoy. To further ensure she will not succumb to the prophecy's dark end she has Maggy brought to The Red Keep and interrogates her as to how to prevent her fate. This Baratheon-centric saga explores an alternate universe where Stannis did have sons, and they all lived to adulthood and helped their father exact revenge on everyone who took the throne away from their family.

We also get both Edd and Lyanna Stark alive in this one, which stretches out over 24 chapters and counting. This one's only three chapters in, but it poses interesting questions about what an alternative route for Sansa to return to Winterfell could have looked like, especially if she was able to help Robb keep the crown and his head.

This short piece imagines what it was like for Jon to stumble into the godswood, find Arya and Bran right after the defeat of the Night King, and realize that the living had won. After the battle, Maester Aemon reveals that he has kept secrets of his own while serving at Castle Black, including two dragon eggs.

In a slightly alternate universe, Jon and Daenerys grow up on opposite sides of the world but are able to share their dreams with each other and communicate. Eventually, of course, they find their way together. Posted on May 22,GMT. Delia Cai.





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